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We open the door to a new way of deep-frying!

Deep-frying food WITHOUT oil is a dream come true for many kitchens. With LightFry you have the opportunity to prepare French fries, vegetables, root vegetables and other foodstuffs without adding a drop of oil or fat.

Possibilities are almost infinite!
LightFry offers fast preparation of the highest quality – fat-free and healthy, what could be better? Not only that, you also get a much better and safer working environment. It is easier to keep clean, since there is no oil condensation. All handling of oil disappears or is reduced dramatically and all risk of injury linked to hot oil in the kitchen is eliminated.

In our rotating convection oven, which replaces the oil fat fryer, all preparation is done without oil. In addition to ensuring that your customers receive a top class food experience that is much healthier than conventional deep-frying, LightFry saves you a great deal of money and eliminates risks and injuries in your kitchen.

Contact us for a presentation of the future today!

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